Thursday, November 22, 2007

Too Many Lies From a Mental!

Too many lies from a mental!

Answers in Capital!


“the Media Manager is moderated off his own forum, and is still the worst possible media spokesman,”

Who is moderated Jools?

I have been appearing in the media before even you were born.( as a taxi spokesperson).

Why don’t you compare my achievements and yours?

Example 2.

"I am truly pissed off at the dishonesty, and the breach of undertakings made to a Supreme Court Judge by Hirsch, Mollenhauer and Ahmed".

Jools if you know your farther then go to the High Court and put my name first in that so called legal action of yours and your cult followers.

Source: Sydney Taxi Corruption

What has Benazir Bhutto and Michael Jools have not got in common?

Jools is a professional failure - Bhutto is not.

Jools is a congenital liar – Bhutto is not.

Jools is serial cheat - Bhutto is not.

Jools is a serial bankrupt – Bhutto is not.

Jools almost bankrupted the NSW TDA – Bhutto did not.

Jools took money from the NSW TDA account without proper approval – Bhutto did not.

Jools pinched money from the NSW TDA account without proper authorisation – Bhutto did not.

Jools is a beggar - Bhutto is a wealthy landlord.

Jools is a cult leader - Bhutto is not

The famous Kaleen Park is very close to Jools – Far away from Bhutto.

Jools will require Kaleen Park – Bhutto won’t.

Jools is the enemy of taxi drivers – Bhutto is not.

Jools want to make money out of taxi drivers’ misery – Bhutto doesn’t want to!

Jools is a carpet beggar – Bhutto is not.

Jools is a scam bag – Bhutto is a former Prime Minister.

Bhutto got paid up servants – Jools want taxi drivers to become his servant.

Nelson hated Jools but racism united Jools and Nelson together!

Jools is Peer’s Frankenstein! I feel sorry for Peer but not sorry for John Howard because racism, so called terrorism, Tampa, mini Tampa (arrived last night), environmental “terrorists’, union “extremists”, Jackie Kelly’s husband’s anti-Muslim conspiracy and many more criminal activities won’t save him on Saturday. He will loose the election and confined himself in the ugly part of the history!

Nitrogenous waste from a mental!

--- In, "Ross Nelson" wrote:

"Self-respect and moral virtue doesn't pay the bills. I should know".

> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I fail to see what is virtuous about printing half-truths, lies, un-investigated crap egotistical editorial rubbish.

Have you paid the printer’s bill?


--- In, Peer Lindholdt wrote:

What has Benazir Bhutto and Michael Jools got in common?

Source: NSW TDA Forum

They were both deposed as leaders, both are accused of corruption which they deny and both want to win back leadership.

Both are talented, intelligent, dedicated and hard working. Both say they want to bring back democracy, unity and prosperity and both believe they are the only ones capable of doing this.

The difference is that Pakistan already has a strong leader albeit a

dictator while the NSW TDA appears to have no leadership at all. Therein lies the dilemma for Sydney taxi drivers and the NSW TDA.

Since the Mad Hatter's "coup" in 2006 the NSW TDA has been a virtual basket case on life-support, rudderless and dysfunctional. The excuse is that the members of its committee are too busy making a living to devote the necessary time. That no doubt is true and exactly one of the reasons why Jools wanted to turn the Association into a commercial enterprise. He wanted the NSW TDA to be independent of membership fees and make a profit to pay those who forsaked income from driving to give their time to the Association. As he was doing most of the work, it follows he deserved the greatest 'compensation'.

Given Jools' long, detailed and impassionate "Open Letter to Taxi Drivers" (21/11/07), which highlights his own greatness while accusing others of foul play, and its follow-up " WELCOME TO THE MAD HATTERS TEA PARTY", it is pretty obvious he and his faction intend to make a major move against the sitting committee at the General Meeting 3 days away. Nothing wrong with that. Such is politics. Hirsch and his mob did it at the AGM in 2006.

Well, if 165 million Pakistanis can forgive and forget Benazir Bhutto's past 'indiscretions' and adopt the practical view that the end justifies the means, surely the majority of the 30 - 100 cabbies that may turn up on 25 November can adopt a similar practical position.

Self-respect and moral virtue doesn't pay the bills. I should know.

The moral of the story is that there is none.

Enjoy Sunday, it is likely to be nearly as exciting as Saturday. Howard called the election too late, the NSW TDA called the GM too early. Both are likely to suffer the consequences.


Source: Sydney Taxi Corruption