Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Stop the Semite Murdering Israeli State & Industrial Complexes & Processes

Stop the Semite Murdering Israeli State & Industrial Complexes & Processes

Who are Semites and under what law, or by what moral or by what authority makes Semites supposedly more superior than other groups?

The Israelis and their supporters have been murdering Semites on a daily basis. They have been ethnically cleansing them for a long time and they have transformed an Arab land to a Zionist ghetto. Yet, they have the audacity to call others anti-Semite?

They have silenced many good people including the world famous Jewish professor Uri Davis. They have conspired to cancel the Uri Davis National Press Club Lecture. Another prominent Jewish Professor Tanya Rinehart and many more have suffered the Zionist "iron wall". They don't play the ball but play the man. They are trying to silence me too in many ways including via Sydney talk back forums. I oppose and condemn these types of Zio-Nazi tricks and techniques. Maqsood is innocent.

You are welcome to examine Silencing the Truth to T-Shirt. Here again the zionsts abruptly annulled an innocent Palestinian Photo Exhibition at Leichardt. They also displayed arrogance, conspired to murder free speech, displayed intolerance, injected racism and sectarianism without any remorse whatsoever. Specifically Paul Ratty was the most obnoxious one amongst the "peace loving and humanitarian" Zionist/Israeli/Jewish mobs at Leichardt. The then Deputy mayor (now Mayor) has shown tremendous courage in that forum regarding this issue.

In conclusion, under the guise of so called "anti-Semitism" they are conducting war crimes and genocide which appears to carry the stamp of infinity. This must be stopped immediately.

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