Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Crime Genes + Incest + Bastards = Australia

Crime Genes + Incest + Bastards = Australia

Further to David Oldfield and Jim Ball, on Monday night (Monday, October 20, 2008, the notorious Channel Seven’s tabloid show Today Tonight aired an unbalanced story about taxi drivers. The main tone of the story was – all taxi drivers are bad, especially the migrant drivers are guilty of almost everything. They did not bother to ask the Minister for Transport for failing to ensure the quality control and quality assurance of the Taxi Industry.

The following day a passenger got into a taxi cab near Redfern and roared at the cabbie, “do you know where is Castlecraig”? (He did so because of the driver’s look and possibly race)
The driver was quiet.
The middle aged, well build and bold passenger yelled again, “if you don’t I’ll get out here”.
The furious cabbie maintained his cool with confidence while he was driving the cab with dignity.
Passenger: You have not answered my question.
Cabbie: I have not heard any valid question. On the contrary you are yelling at me.
Passenger: Nonetheless I have asked you a question.
Cabbie: Your alleged question is not a qualified question and even if you call it a question of kind then it generates further question like do you yell at your doctor and demand his/her medical credential before allowing him/her to examine your body?
Passenger: But, you are a taxi driver.
Cabbie: Oh, I am too small and therefore anyone can abuse me, insult me and attack me, correct?
The wealthy passenger went quiet and they have a very few exchange on the way. However, due to the confidence and style of the driver the passenger started to call him ‘boss’, ’chief” etc. etc.

So they went to Castlecraig and picked up his son and then to some other place while the cold war continued.

At the final destination, the passenger paid $50.00. The drive made sure he is safe by locking the central locking and said, “sir can I ask you a question”?
The passenger: What is it?
Cabbie: Some one told me, “Crime Genes + Incest + Bastards = Australia ”! is it true?
The angry passenger: O.K. we got crime genes because of hunger crime at the beginning but how do you find incest?

The cabbie explained: After the first fleet, the men went wild and virtually did everything. So, on order to maintain order in the society they have been harvesting girls of many age including 10 and 11 from England. On the way a few of them died. However, 20 girls out of 200 became pregnant on the ship, possibly by the doctor. Therefore 10% of the population was bastard and they had no choice but to foster incest, correct? Finally, playing the race card is not a good idea, isn’t it?

The angry passenger looked at the drivers like a dead soldier who wanted to kill his opponent but he could not do so because his head is separated from his own body.