Sunday, March 9, 2008

Why the hell the Yahoo is hell bent on them?

Why the hell the Yahoo is hell bent on them?

Violation of TOS or Zionist Conspiracy? Generated the following response! In other words Nazi Zionist criminals who have enslaved USA and UK knowingly conducting the slow motion holocaust in the occupied Palestine. They also know the fact that this longest running concentration camps with stamp of infinity are worse than Hitler’s one. However, the Nazi Zionists/”Jews”/Israelis are too keen to hide these war crimes, ethnic cleansings and genocides.

Therefore; these Nazi Zionists/”Jews”/Israelis should be volunteering to the nearest gas chamber have been using any and all tricks and techniques to silence any debate or discussions. Why the hell the Yahoo is hell bent on them?

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Hello Faruque Bin Laden (union_faruque)

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Deleted Question: Why the hell the USA have to be enslaved by the Zionists/”Jews”/Israelis?

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